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Key Takeaways From The Global Esoteric Testing Market Forecast 2024

The Business Research Company’s global market reports are now updated with the latest market sizing information for the year 2024 and forecasted to 2033

As per The Business Research Company’s Esoteric Testing Global Market Report 2024, the esoteric testing market is expected to show significant growth in the forecast period.

Overview of Market Growth

  • The esoteric testing market has seen significant growth in recent years.
  • From $29.24 billion in 2023, it’s projected to reach $32.73 billion in 2024 with a CAGR of 11.9%.

Factors Driving Historic Growth

  • Advancements in biotechnology.
  • Rising chronic diseases.
  • Evolution of precision medicine.
  • Increased focus on rare diseases.
  • Genomic discoveries.

Future Growth Projections

  • Expected to hit $51.62 billion by 2028.
  • CAGR of 12.1%.
  • Driven by demand for early disease detection.
  • Expansion of rare disease research.
  • Global health challenges.

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Major Trends in Forecast Period

  • Liquid biopsies and circulating biomarkers.
  • Microbiome analysis.
  • AI and machine learning integration.
  • Point-of-care esoteric testing.
  • Expanded genetic and molecular testing.

Growing Demand For Esoteric Testing Amid Rising Infectious Diseases

Impact of Infectious Diseases

  • Infectious diseases’ prevalence drives market growth.
  • Factors: pathogens, migration, travel, environmental changes.
  • Advanced technology like nucleic acid technology enhances detection accuracy.

Industry Players

  • Key companies: LabCorp Holdings, Quest Diagnostics Inc., Eurofins Scientific SE, Sonic Healthcare Limited, and more.
  • Diverse offerings cater to varied testing needs.

Esoteric Testing Market Embraces Technological Advancements

Technological Advancements

  • Key trend: adoption of advanced technologies.
  • Companies innovate products for market sustenance.
  • Example: OPKO Health’s Scarlet Health digital platform for on-demand diagnostic services.

Labcorp Strengthens Position In Medical Diagnostics Through Myriad Genetics Deal

Strategic Acquisition

  • Labcorp’s acquisition of Myriad Genetics’ autoimmune disease unit.
  • Aim: Provide comprehensive diagnostic solutions.
  • Strengthen Labcorp’s market position.

Market Segmentation

Segmentation Overview

  • Segmented by type, technology, and end-user.
  • Types include infectious diseases, oncology, genetics, etc.
  • Technologies range from chemiluminescence immunoassay to DNA sequencing.
  • End-users include independent labs and hospital-based labs.

Regional Analysis

Regional Dominance

  • North America led the market in 2023.
  • Asia-Pacific poised for rapid growth.
  • Indicates global market expansion.


Continued Growth and Innovation

  • Esoteric testing market set for continued expansion.
  • Innovation crucial for sustaining market position.
  • Emerging regions offer significant growth opportunities.

Final Thoughts

  • The esoteric testing market’s trajectory underscores its vital role in healthcare.
  • Continued advancements promise more accurate and accessible diagnostic solutions.
  • Market players must stay agile to meet evolving demands and capitalize on emerging trends.

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