Global Pet Oral Care Products Market
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What Is The Forecast Growth Rate For The Pet Oral Care Products Market?

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  • Driving Factors: High prevalence of dental diseases, discomfort, pain, and potential health complications for pets.
  • Impact of Pet Oral Care Products: Oral cavity cleansing, breath freshening, maintaining oral hygiene.
  • Statistics: 1 in 8 dogs suffer from dental illness annually, according to Royal Veterinary College survey.
  • Key Players: Unilever, Mars Incorporated, Henkel AG, and more.

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Innovative Supplements For Canine Oral Health

  • Product Innovation: Key trend in the market.
  • Example: TEEF for Life launches SMMRT and Protektin42 supplements for oral health.
  • Features: SMMRT increases healthy bacteria, inhibits germ growth; Protektin42 treats gum disease, tooth decay, and foul breath.
  • Acquisition: Virbac acquires iVet LLC to expand its presence in the market.

Market Segmentation and Growth Trends

  • Segmentation: Product type, pet type, distribution channel, application, end-use.
  • Product Types: Toothpaste, toothbrushes, dental wipes, dental chews, and more.
  • Pet Types: Dogs, cats, other pets.
  • Distribution Channels: Supermarkets, online channels, specialized pet shops, veterinary channels, others.
  • Forecast: Market expected to grow to $2.69 billion by 2028.
  • Regional Growth: North America leads in 2023; Asia-Pacific expected to grow fastest.

Conclusion: A Booming Future for Pet Oral Care

The pet oral care products market is witnessing robust growth, driven by factors like increased pet ownership, awareness of dental health, and innovative product formulations. With a focus on preventive care, coupled with technological advancements and strategic acquisitions, major players are poised to capitalize on this expanding market. As the humanization of pets continues and veterinary recommendations gain prominence, the demand for oral care products is expected to soar further, promising a lucrative future for stakeholders in the industry.

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