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Top 5 Insights From The Poultry Healthcare Market Report 2023

The Business Research Company’s global market reports are now updated with the latest market sizing information for the year 2023 and forecasted to 2032

According to The Business Research Company’s Poultry Healthcare Global Market Report 2023, the poultry healthcare market is expected to show promising growth in the forecast period.

Embark on a journey through the skies of the global poultry healthcare market, where disease outbreaks, technological advancements, and market players converge to shape the future of avian well-being.

  1. Soaring Growth: A Statistical Prelude

Witness the anticipated growth trajectory of the poultry healthcare market:

  • 2022 to 2023: Expected growth from $7.01 billion to $7.73 billion at a CAGR of 10.3%.
  • 2027 Horizon: Projected market expansion to $11.8 billion, sustaining a robust CAGR of 11.2%.
  1. Epidemic Echoes: Paving the Way for Poultry Healthcare

Explore the role of disease prevalence in steering market dynamics:

  • Global Disease Outbreaks: The World Organization for Animal Health reports outbreaks of high pathogenicity avian influenza (HPAI) in over 40 countries since May 1, 2021.
  • Prevalence Data: Approximately 16,000 cases of HPAI in domestic and wild birds reported in October 2021.
  • Market Implication: The surge in disease outbreaks propels the growth of the poultry healthcare market.
  1. Industry Pillars: Key Players in Poultry Healthcare

Meet the influential players orchestrating advancements in poultry healthcare:

  • Market Leaders: Ceva, Zoetis, Venkys India, Phibro Animal Health Corporation, Merk and Co Inc., and more.
  • Strategic Impact: These industry giants significantly contribute to shaping the poultry healthcare landscape.
  1. Technological Flight: Advancements in Poultry Healthcare

Uncover the technological trends soaring in the poultry healthcare market:

  • Innovations Unleashed: Boehringer Ingelheim introduces VAXXITEK HVT+IBD, a groundbreaking poultry vaccine.
  • Single-Shot Wonder: VAXXITEK HVT+IBD offers a single-shot solution, providing lifelong protection against infectious laryngotracheitis, Marek’s Disease, and Infectious Bursal Disease.
  1. Market Segmentation: Navigating the Terrain

Delve into the nuanced segmentation of the global poultry healthcare market:

  • Product Categories: Vaccines, Parasiticides, Anti-Infectives, Medical Feed Additives.
  • Testing Avenues: ELISA, PCR, Molecular Diagnostic Tests, Laboratory Tests.
  • Application Scenarios: Farms and Houses.
  1. Regional Skies: North America and Asia-Pacific Dominance

Explore the regional dynamics that influence the poultry healthcare market:

  • North American Hub: North America emerges as the largest region in the poultry healthcare market in 2022.
  • Asia-Pacific Soars Ahead: Anticipated to be the fastest-growing region in the forecast period.
  1. Future Flight Plan: Navigating Trends

As we journey through the poultry healthcare market, the future unfolds with promises of advancements and innovations. With disease prevention at the forefront and industry leaders steering the course, the global poultry healthcare market stands resilient and poised for substantial growth.

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The Poultry Healthcare Global Market Report 2023offers a comprehensive overview on the poultry healthcare market size, growth rate, trends and drivers, opportunities, strategies, and competitor landscape. The countries covered in the poultry healthcare market report are Australia, Brazil, China, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Japan, Russia, South Korea, the UK, and the USA, and the major seven regions are Asia-Pacific, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, North America, South America, the Middle East, and Africa.

The Table Of Content For The Poultry Healthcare Market Include:
1. Poultry Healthcare Market Executive Summary
2. Poultry Healthcare Market Segments
3. Poultry Healthcare Market Size And Poultry Healthcare Market Growth Rate
4. Key Poultry Healthcare Market Trends
5. Major Poultry Healthcare Market Drivers
25. Key Mergers And Acquisitions In The Poultry Healthcare Market
26. Top Poultry Healthcare Companies
27. Poultry Healthcare Market Opportunities And Strategies
28. Poultry Healthcare Market, Conclusions And Recommendations
29. Appendix 

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