Global Solid Tumor Testing Market
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Overview Of The Solid Tumor Testing Market 2024-2033: Growth And Major Players Analysis

The Business Research Company’s global market reports are now updated with the latest market sizing information for the year 2024 and forecasted to 2033


Current Market Growth

  • Robust growth: From $25.74 billion in 2023 to $27.78 billion in 2024 (CAGR: 7.9%)
  • Factors driving historic growth: Personalized medicine, poor tumor-selective drug delivery, low therapeutic efficacy, unsustainable costs, reductionist approaches to cancer chemotherapies

Future Growth Prospects

  • Strong growth expected to $36.48 billion in 2028 (CAGR: 7.1%)
  • Factors contributing to forecasted growth: Increasing cancer prevalence, healthcare infrastructure development, emergence of AI and IoT-based diagnostic devices, government initiatives
  • Major trends in the forecast period: Advancements in diagnostic tools, nanocarrier-based therapies, strategic collaborations, next-generation testing devices

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Growing Cancer Prevalence Fuels Market Expansion

  • Impact of increasing cancer prevalence on market growth
  • Use of solid tumor testing in detecting cancer cells
  • Example: Cancer statistics in the US
  • Role of solid tumor testing in early detection and treatment decisions
  • Leading companies in the market

Innovative Liquid Biopsy Tests Drive Market Growth

  • Significance of liquid biopsy test solutions in market trends
  • Development of innovative liquid biopsy tests by major companies
  • Example: NeoGenomics Inc.’s suite of liquid biopsy tests
  • Benefits of liquid biopsy tests: Non-invasiveness, early detection, personalized treatment
  • Strategic acquisitions to strengthen market position

Strategic Acquisitions Propel Market Growth

  • Importance of strategic acquisitions in market expansion
  • Example: Quest Diagnostics’ acquisition of Haystack Oncology Inc.
  • Objectives of acquisitions: Expand access to technology, enhance research and development capabilities
  • Impact on market share and diagnostic capabilities
  • Market segmentation and regional insights


  • The solid tumor testing market is witnessing significant growth driven by factors such as increasing cancer prevalence and advancements in diagnostic technologies.
  • Future growth prospects remain strong, with a focus on innovative solutions and strategic collaborations.
  • Companies in the market need to leverage emerging trends and opportunities to address the growing demand for effective cancer diagnostics and treatments worldwide.

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